The Price Family Legacy

A Sims 3 Random Legacy

1.7 Happy Snowflake Day!

Shen was only a few days old when Snowflake Day finally arrived. Ioanna had been planning a party for months and months – since before she was pregnant! – and she decided to go ahead with it. It would be an opportunity to introduce her son to her friends. She put on her best dress and got to cooking up a mountain of food while Shen slept peacefully in his crib.

She was still cooking when the guests started to arrive. Ioanna was surprised to see how much some of her friends had aged since she’d seen them last – James had even gone and become an elder! She’d never realized he was that much older than she was. The Goodfellows seemed to be the only people who hadn’t aged in the few months that she’d been getting ready for Shen’s arrival.

Of course, she was aging herself. She hadn’t told anyone, but she would be entering her real, official adulthood after the party. From there, it was only a skip and a hop to elderhood, and then… well…

She wouldn’t think about it now.

Now, she would think about her guests. She’d asked each of her friends to bring someone she didn’t know to the party, so there were plenty of introductions to be made. Her friends knew some very interesting people.

When Ioanna invited Count Snypes, she’d never imagined that her vampire boss would actually show up, but he did indeed attend the party. He claimed he’d just needed an excuse to get away from his wife for a few hours – Ioanna had never met the Countess, but rumor had it she was as surly and taciturn as he was – but he’d brought a present for the pile, and one for Shen, too.

It got even stranger when he asked to meet the little guy, but Ioanna couldn’t say no. The Count, it turned out, was a sucker for babies. He gave Shen plenty of toys, and told Ioanna to take as much time as she needed for maternity leave. He would be happy to resume selling her potions whenever she was ready. He also promised to watch out for Shen and any of her future children for as long as they lived. Ioanna was touched.

Hailey was one of the guests that Ioanna had never met before, but she was vivacious and friendly. They quickly hit it off, and Ioanna was glad she’d invited so many strangers. She was sure that she and Hailey would be friends for a long time to come…

That is, until she looked out the window a few hours later and saw Pip and Hailey flirting with each other. It looked quite serious. Pip and Dahlia had been at odds all night – Ioanna hadn’t even seen the fairy couple speak to each other once since they’d arrived (seperately) – but that was, in her mind, no excuse for flirting with other women. Ioanna was furious on her best friend’s behalf.

She meant to pull Pip aside and give him a piece of her mind, but when he came back inside, her friends surprised her. They’d somehow found out about her birthday, and they had a cake all prepared for her. Ioanna was touched.

She almost had trouble coming up with a wish. She had her son, she had her friends, she had her home, and she had faith that she and Si Nan would work something out. She had nothing left to wish for… so she made a wish for her friends.

At first, it didn’t seem to work. Pip and Dahlia were as silent towards each other as they’d been all night. Whatever was wrong between them, it was clearly going to take more than Ioanna’s birthday wish to fix it.

When the cake was served, the Goodfellows had nowhere to sit but next to each other. Ioanna watched from across the room as they continued not to speak to each other, and she gave up. Clearly, this was bigger than her.

They did presents after they finished the birthday cake. Ioanna had insisted that everyone bring something so that everyone could open something. She didn’t want any one to be left out of the gift exchange. That meant that Hailey recieved a gift too, but Ioanna could tell from the way that Hailey had been watching Pip and Dahlia that the other woman hadn’t known that Pip was married. Ioanna actually felt bad for her – and she was angrier at Pip, too.

Ioanna had expected to have to dash off to tend to Shen every few minutes, but she found that her friends were more than willing to look in on the boy – she almost had to chase them off! Shen had more aunts and uncles that night than anyone in town, and they were all willing to give the baby a quick cuddle or a bottle or even a diaper change. Ioanna was very grateful for her friends.

They even gave Shen Snowflake day presents – although he was much too young and it was much to cold to put the sandbox and toys to use right then. Still, they were all set up and ready to go when Shen was old enough and it was warm enough. The set up was right next to Ioanna’s garden, too, so when she was ready to get back to it, she could keep her son close.

The Goodfellows had splurged and bought Ioanna a stroller, so that she would always be able to bring her son with her when she wanted to go out. It was a beautiful, high end model, and they’d even gone for the orange one, knowing it was her favorite color.

Best of all, the Goodfellows had clearly made up before the end of the night. They were flirting and cuddling as much as they ever had. Ioanna vowed to keep what she had seen to herself – as long as they were happy. If she ever saw it again, though, Pip was a dead man, fairy powers or no fairy powers.

When the guests were gone, Ioanna cuddled her little son and told him what a wonderful night she’d had. It was her first real Snowflake Day, the first with friends and laughter and presents anyway, and it was perfect.

“I hope all your Snowflake Days can be this wonderful,” she whispered to Shen. “I hope they’re even better.”


A/N: In my world, the Goodfellows are happily married and they are basically family to Ioanna – so I was heartbroken to see Pip flirting with a random party guest at the party his wife was attending! STUPID ATTRACTION SYSTEM. It’s bad enough that he’s constantly sending Ioanna presents and asking her out, but now he’s flirting with random people! Anyway, that’s where the storyline for this chapter comes from. Other than that, I really was pleased with the party. It was the first time I’d played with the gift giving party option in Seasons, and it worked out pretty well. Everyone seemed to have a good time.


1.6 Ni Hao Shen Price

Ioanna went into labor early one morning, just as she was waking up. She was alone – Si Nan had returned to China and he wasn’t due back in Moonlight Falls for a few weeks. After quickly placing a call to her boyfriend and the hospital, she ran off to the Emergency Room.

Most Sims would have called a taxi to bring them to the ER, but Ioanna couldn’t bare to waste the gas – and she was perfectly capable of flying herself in. The labor pains weren’t too intolerable yet, anyway, and the hospital wasn’t far. No where in town was far.

She came out of the hospital a few hours later, a baby boy in her arms. He was her son Shen Wong Price – his name, which meant Deep Thinker, had been chosen by both of his parents on Si Nan’s last visit. Shen was a sweet, quiet baby who slept soundly in his mother’s arms most of the first few hours of his life.

Si Nan surprised both Ioanna and Shen by flying in just in time to take a taxi home with them. He had to fly out again just an hour later, but simply having him there reassured Ioanna that somehow, someway, they would make their unconventional little family work.

It wasn’t until she held Shen in her arms that she fully understood what motherhood would be. She had never really thought about what it would mean to have a little life entirely dependent on her. Holding Shen, Ioanna knew that her life would never, ever be the same again.

The shack wasn’t quite big enough for little Shen to have his own room, at least not without getting rid of Ioanna’s workstation, so for the time being, mother and son shared. She didn’t have a lot of privacy, but she was also as close as she could possibly be to her little boy.

Shen had changed her whole life – she’d gone from a lonely witch with just a cat and a long distance boyfriend to a mother. She would never be alone again.


A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short! It was initially tied to the next chapter, but the transitions felt so awkward, that I decided that I would split them up.


1.5 So Long Solitude

Si Nan’s visit to Moonlight Falls was drawing to a close when Ioanna finally worked up the nerve to invite him to spend his last few nights at her home. She’d never had a man in her bedroom before, not ever. Even her father had tended to stay out of her room back home (no doubt afraid he’d catch the Witchiness if he got too close to it), and while she’d had a few fumbling attempts at woohoo in college, they’d always taken place at the guy’s apartments. Having Si Nan in her space made her feel vulnerable and safe all at once.

They certainly made the most of the brief time he had left in Moonlight Falls, and made plans for him to visit again soon. He was traveling to Egypt next, and then back to China, then a quick trip to France, but then he had to stop in Riverview, and since that was only a few hours’ drive away, he’d promised to spend at least a week with her then. Si Nan’s life always sounded so exciting when he told Ioanna about it, and she wasn’t entirely sure what attracted him to a potion making witch in Moonlight Falls. Whatever it was, she was grateful for it.

Winter came on full speed after Si Nan left, and the snow started to pile on the ground. Ioanna and the Goodfellows had fun building forts and snowmen in each other’s yards, and Ioanna even strung lights around the house. Snowflake Day wasn’t too far off now, she could sense it in the air and the positioning of the stars.

She spoke to Si Nan on the phone almost every day. He filled her in on his latest travels and exploits. She was particularly jealous of his trip to the Great Sphynx in Egypt, the Soulpeace Statue there was supposed to have wonderfully potent mystical healing qualities and she’d always wanted to see it. She told him about her latest potion attempts, about Ferdinand’s latest hunting triumphs. She always felt a little foolish in telling such trivial stories, but Si Nan was always happy to hear them.

He’d been gone for several weeks when she started to feel ill. At first she’d thought it was a result of a potion gone wrong, but even when those backfired in the worst way, she always felt better after a day or two. There were no known instances of illness in Moonlight Falls, so she doubted she was ill. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Ioanna’s magic had improved enough over her time in Moonlight Falls that she felt confident enough to attempt a healing spell on herself – and what she found was that there was nothing to heal.

Perhaps she should have told Si Nan first, but he was in France, and Ioanna needed someone to talk to face to face. Fortunately, her best friend happened to live next door, and happened to be a fairy who didn’t need to be told these things. “Oh how wonderful!” Dahlia exclaimed the second she saw Ioanna on her doorstep. “You’re going to be a mother!”

Dahlia sensed Ioanna’s fears and attempted to ease them, in her way; Ioanna, she claimed, had always been Fawn’s favorite babysitter, and she would be a fantastic mother. “Besides, darling, you might be a witch, but you’re just as mortal as any Sim. You don’t have much fertile time left. Might as well be now.”

Ioanna started to show not long after that. She still hadn’t told Si Nan yet. He was an explorer and an adventurer, and she worried that he wouldn’t want to settle down in Moonlight Falls. They were only just getting started, and they hadn’t even discussed living in the same place yet. Si Nan had never expressed any interest in having a family. Even if he did want to be a real family, he would be gone most of the time. Either way, she would spend most of her time alone with the baby.

But Si Nan was due in town any day, and she knew she couldn’t hide her condition from him.

“Whatever happens, Ferdi, you’ll stick with us, right?” Ioanna asked her cat as she went in for a smoochie. Ferdinand had been with her since she left for college, and she didn’t know what she would do without her beloved familiar. The new baby couldn’t possibly change her affection for her trusted companion.

Fortunately, Si Nan seemed quite happy about the news. He was excited to be a father, and peppered her with questions about the baby’s gender, her due date, whether there had been any kicking yet. Si Nan didn’t really have a family, either, and he was excited to become a part of hers.

They had a lovely visit, although this one was shorter than the last, spent quibbling about baby names and snuggling under the covers. They even attended the winter festival and made greeting cards to send to their friends announcing the baby’s impending arrival.

It was only as Si Nan was preparing to leave that they ran into trouble. Just as she went to ask when he might be back, Si Nan asked Ioanna when she was planning to move to Shang Sim-La. It seemed they’d each been planning for the other to move – neither of them was actually willing to give up their home for their new family. Si Nan left before they were able to resolve anything, and Ioanna went back to worrying about their future.


A/N: Nothing much to add to this chapter. I’m trying to push out a few all at once so that I can force myself to write more and maybe, concievably catch up to where I am in the game (which is right at the start of Gen 2!).


1.4 Falling in Love with Love

Ioanna Price met Si Nan Wong near the end of her first autumn in Moonlight Falls. Spooky Day had come and gone, and Ioanna was surprised to see the first frost covering the town’s lakes and streams. She was even more surprised to see a tourist from China in the town’s occult shop when she stopped in to work one day. It was a strange time for tourism, and Ioanna didn’t think of Moonlight Falls as a destination spot for foreign tourists. She introduced herself to Si Nan in part out of curiosity and in part out of old-fashioned politeness.

It turned out, Si Nan was a very interesting man. He was an antiques dealer who frequently made stops in Moonlight Falls to make trades with Count Snypes and the other local consignment dealer. Many ancient Chinese sculptures were believed to have mystical properties, he told her, and Count Snypes was particularly fond of jade and opal gems. Si Nan was full of interesting stories and he even taught her a few traditional Chinese songs, but he was going back home to China in a few days, and even as they exchanged phone numbers, Ioanna didn’t really expect to ever speak to him again.

Truth be told, Ioanna didn’t think much about Si Nan after that first meeting. She returned to the regular pattern of her life, harvesting the last of the season’s pumpkins from their vines at the autumn festival. She wanted to plant her own pumpkins to enter the pumpkin patch competitions next season, and she was hoping to practice with the pumpkins she harvested. She was also hoping to make a truly amazing pumpkin pie for her first Snowflake Day party.

And of course the shack required regular attention and maintenance. The bathtub was a particular sore spot with Ioanna – baths were a complete waste of water, and this particular tub was constantly springing a leak! – but she couldn’t afford to upgrade to a shower just yet, and her magic wasn’t strong enough to render the stupid thing unbreakable, so she had to stick with the traditional methods of repair.

It wasn’t just the bathtub either. The sink was prone to breaking when she wasn’t even touching it – she always felt guilty if she didn’t rush to fix it right away every time, but sometimes, a girl just needed to eat!

She probably could have upgraded the bathroom if she hadn’t instead chosen to add on a room for a brand new alchemy station. But the alchemy station saved her from spending hours each day in the shop, under the watchful eye of Count Snypes. Her boss had definitely warmed to her since their first meeting, but the man still gave her the creeps. He was dangerous and hostile towards the customers, and she sometimes wondered why anyone would shop there. But it was the only occult shop in an occult town.

Anyway, working from home meant that she could alter and improve the potion recipes without alerting Count Snypes to the changes. Every witch knew that everyone carries their own individual magic inside of them, and that potions were at their best when they followed a witch’s own, special recipes. Her homemade recipes would be better than the recipe book Count Snypes had insisted she stick to.

Ioanna continued to see James Hoppcraft regularly – he was one of her very best friends – and they continued to not kiss. She stopped hoping for any romance between them, and as she continued to age, Ioanna started to wonder if she would ever find romance with anyone. When she was younger, Ioanna’s biggest fear had been that she would spend her life alone, but now, as she approached the age where a Sim had to drop the “young” and just admit to being an Adult, Ioanna found that she didn’t mind the solitude too much. She had her friends and her cat, and her beloved new town, and she was more at peace with her life than she had ever been.

Maybe that was why she was so surprised to hear from him when Si Nan called to say he was coming back to Moonlight Falls, with another shipment of goods for Count Snypes. He’d be in town for a few months, he said, and he hoped they would be able to spend some time together. Ioanna was startled to find that she was very much looking forward to seeing him.

They met at the local diner the night that he arrived, and Ioanna was as nervous as she’d ever been. It wasn’t until they were standing opposite each other that she realized she’d never really dated, especially if you didn’t count the endless non-dates with James. She wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it, but fortunately, Si Nan was very sweet and a natural conversationalist. He had seen so much of the world, and he was more than happy to share his stories. He was also genuinely interested in hearing hers.

After dinner, they sat down right there in the parking lot and talked for hours more. Si Nan showed her constellations as he knew them, while Ioanna showed him the different patterns that witches saw, and told him all the different ways the stars influenced magic. They spent hours there, until the gravel of the parking lot started to dig into their palms, and Si Nan finally had to go check in to his hotel for the night.

Ioanna, having learned from her experiences with James, was not content to wait for Si Nan to make the first move. She leaned in for a quick kiss before they parted for the night. Her father had once told her that he’d fallen in love with her mother from the very first kiss, and Ioanna had never quite believed him, until she first kissed Si Nan. She couldn’t wait to do it again.


A/N: I hadn’t actually planned to have mystically long seasons for the Sims, but the stupid snow fell from mid-autumn to mid-spring, and SO MUCH happened in that time, that I felt like I had to have some kind of explanation.

I HAD planned on James being the central figure in Ioanna’s love life, but the stupid Sims would not cooperate. They would autonomously flirt before James got divorced, and Ioanna’s recieved like a bajillion gifts and love letters from him in the mail, but every stinkin’ time I tried to get them to kiss or confess attraction or anything that would bring them to the next step, it would abruptly result in “someone in this group has issues” or an argument of some kind, and every single one of their dates ended badly. So when she met Si Nan and had an insta-attraction to him, I just gave up. The day after I got her and Si Nan together, James aged up to elder, so it seems to have all worked out for the best anyway.

I guess she just knew her own mind.


1.3 Autumn Comes to Moonlight Falls

Ioanna’s first summer in Moonlight Falls passed quickly, and soon enough, the leaves were beginning to turn. Autumn had long been Ioanna’s favorite season, although it was unfortunately not one of the longer ones in Moonlight Falls, or really anywhere in Simland. Winter often stretched on so long that babies born as the season changed were in elementary school before spring came, but autumn was barely a flash.

Before the leaves had fully turned, she was able to expand the shack a little – just enough to squeeze out a seperate bedroom, with room for a double bed. It wasn’t much, but it went a long way to making her life in Moonlight Falls feel real.

For Ioanna, autumn passed much the way summer had. She spent hours each day in her garden, lovingly tending to her plants. She’d gotten rather good at sensing their needs, and they were coming a long quite nicely. She was even experimenting with new fertilizers, and the plants seemed to be growing faster than ever.

She was blending into her new town, too. She spent more and more time with her new friends – the Goodfellows lived right next door, and she couldn’t even count all the times that Dahlia or Pip would pop over and suggest a movie or a concert. She’d never had real friends before, only people who were less freaked out by her, and the Goodfellows became her new family.

Occasionally, when they asked very politely, Ioanna baby-sat the Goodfellow’s daughter Fawn. As much as Ioanna loved the girl’s parents, Fawn was not Ioanna’s favorite person in the world. The little girl seemed hostile to her from the start, and often would just start yelling as soon as her parents left the house. Ioanna was always glad to go home to an empty, silent house after she sat with Fawn for a few hours.

And then there was James. James and his wife divorced abruptly at the beginning of the new season, and Ioanna was quick to reach out to her new friend. She wanted to help him keep busy as the case dragged on through the courts, so she invited him on as many outings as she could think of.

When the fall festival came to town, James was the person that she went with. They spent the whole day playing with waterballoons and attempting to roller skate. James watched as Ioanna flew her broom around the little arena the organizers had set up, and she couldn’t help throw in a few of her showier moves, knowing he was watching her.

They entered an eating competition together, which Ioanna won. James didn’t mind too much, since she also defeated his ex-wife, who’d enterred the competition after she saw them. Ioanna still had never met the woman, and she doubted she ever would now.

At the end of that particular outing, James walked Ioanna home before he headed back to his new bachelor apartment. As always, he was flirty and sweet and Ioanna wondered if maybe something more than friendship was blossoming between them – and like always, he walked away with just a hug. Ioanna wasn’t the type of girl to latch on to someone in the middle of a divorce, and she wasn’t even sure that she wanted him to kiss her.

But all the not kissing was driving her crazy.

So she focussed on her plants…

… and her work. She was getting quite good at mixing potions. Count Snypes had even referred to her once as the shop’s alchemist – as opposed to “that girl who does the potions.” She liked the work, and she liked the idea that her potions were improving the lives of the citizens of Moonlight Falls.

When life got too quiet or too still, the Goodfellows were always there to drag her out of her shack and into the world. When they heard she’d never celebrated Spooky Day as a child, they insisted that she dress up and attend their costume party. It wasn’t a huge to-do, but they were known for their Spooky Day parties. With a groan, Ioanna dressed in the only costume she could find last minute at the thrift store.

Despite herself, she did have a really good time. Dahlia, Pip and their friends were all in equally ridiculous costumes, and Dahlia and Pip were showing off their fairy tricks all night. Ioanna got in on the fun, throwing charms around the room, and even throwing a few bottles of her vials of bliss. Late in life, she would always remember her first Spooky Day as her favorite.

It wasn’t long after Spooky Day that Ioanna met a stranger in the occult shop, a tourist named Si Nan Wong.

But that is a story for another day (or another chapter)…


A/N: … I don’t really have any notes for this chapter. So… there you go.


1.2 A New Dawn, A New Job

Ioanna woke the next morning and took a few minutes to remind herself where she was. The shack was still unfamiliar, but there was Ferdinand, in the middle of the floor, reminding herself this was home now.

Ioanna feeds Ferdinand

Ferdinand required food, and although Ioanna had always prepared gourmet homemade pet food for him, this particular morning, she had none of the necessary ingredients. “I promise, buddy, it’s just out of the bag this once. We’ll go homemade from now on.”

In an attempt to keep her promise, Ioanna went out to the space she had designated for “the garden” and began planting the various seeds she’d found around town the day before. She wasn’t a wildly skilled gardener, but she was sure she could coax a few tomatoes and lettuce plants out of the ground, and she fully intended to get better. She wanted to live off of the land as much as she could. It was so much more ecofriendly to grow your own plants for food than to shop at the grocery store – all that food required so much energy waste, from shipping to storing, not to mention the energy output required to maintain those large factory farms!

When she’d planted her seeds, Ioanna couldn’t help herself. She stopped to play with her magic. She was just shooting sparks around, but it was so freeing to be able to do it outside without fear. She wasn’t hiding from anyone anymore.

While she was outside, James Hoppcroft stopped by. He was one of the townspeople she’d met yesterday, and he very sweetly wanted to check in and see how she was settling down. Ioanna was touched by his kindness. In fact, if he weren’t married, she would have thought he was flirting with her. He didn’t stay long, but it was nice to have a friend in town to talk to. She hoped to see a lot more of him, and to get to know his family.

After James left, Ioanna decided to head out on the town again. She wanted to go back to the occult shop and see if there was any work they needed done. Her savings were enough to keep her for now, but she knew that she couldn’t stand too many days of nothing but gardening, with no one but Ferdinand for company.

At first, Count Snypes was not wild about the idea. He “had no use for a barely skilled witch, and he wasn’t running a charity,” or so he said. Ioanna pressed though, and when Count Snypes told her he was looking for a new potion supplier, she jumped. Potions were, after all, easy to hide. You could mix them on the stove, and tell anyone who happened by that you were cooking. Ioanna was good at potions.

Count Snypes sent her over to the potion station to read the list of potions sold at the shop. “You think you can handle those, then maybe I will hire you on a trial basis,” he conceded. Ioanna immediately ran over and read through the list. Some of the potions were fairly complicated, and a few she honesty wasn’t sure she could manage at all, but most of the recipes seemed simple enough.

She whipped together a quick Vial of Bliss, her favorite potion, for her audition. If she’d done it successfully, the potion would bring happiness to anyone who drank it (or had it thrown at them). Ioanna had always gravitated towards potions with beneficial effects, the same way she was always better at charms than curses. If Count Snypes didn’t like her Vial of Bliss, she would have to find another line of work.

Fortunately, Count Snypes pronounced her potion “tolerable” and gave her a position – on commission. She would be paid by the bottle, and she would only be paid after the bottle was sold. There were no benefits, no sick or vacation days. But it was good enough. Ioanna was just pleased to have a job so soon after starting over in a new town.

Ioanna would have loved to rush home and share the news with a loved one, but unfortunately, only Ferdinand was waiting for her, and he was asleep. She could have called one of her new friends – James or one of the Goodfellows would certainly be happy for her – but instead, Ioanna settled in for the night. She had a house and she had a job. She could work on having a family tomorrow.


A/N: That was a little bit of a filler chapter, but time is going to start moving faster in the next few chapters, and I wanted to get through the new house and the new job and the new town.


1.1 Welcome to Moonlight Falls

Ioanna Price surveyed her new property with a slight frown. There was really nothing to it – not even an outhouse stood on the grounds before her. When her aunt had left her the land, she hadn’t quite expected it to be so empty. In her will, Aunt Ingrid had promised that Moonlight Falls was a new kind of town, a town where “their kind” didn’t need to hide their powers, where everyone was welcomed and accepted.

It had sounded too good to be true – of course Ioanna should have expected to see an empty plot of land.

“What do you think Ferdinand?” Ioanna leaned down to ask her beloved cat about their new home. “Not much is it?”

Fortunately, there was a contractor in town who claimed to be able to build a modest home in a day or less – and at a fee Ioanna could afford too – so all she had to do was explore the town while the builders got to work.

After years of forcing herself to walk, ride a bike or take a taxi everywhere she needed to go, Ioanna had to admit it was a relief to travel the way that felt the most natural to her. She could only hope that the townspeople of Moonlight Falls were as accepting as her aunt had promised. It wouldn’t do to be branded a crazy witch on her very first day in her new town. Especially since the builders were spending all of her life savings on her new home.

In any new place, even on a vacation, Ioanna’s first stop was the library. Her mother, who had died when Ioanna was just a toddler, had once told her that a library was the best place to meet the real citizens of a town. Remembering so little of what her mother said, Ioanna had always taken what she did remember deeply to heart. So she headed to the local library to read up on the history of Moonlight Falls, and what she read was fascinating.

After she read for a while, Ioanna decided it was time to get to know her neighbors, and she started introducing herself to the people she saw milling about the library. There weren’t many people around, but she did meet James Hoppcraft, a local doctor, who took to her immediately. James was definitely easy to talk to, and he seemed like the accepting type – when she tested the waters by telling him she was a witch, he told her he’d always wished he had supernatural powers, growing up in Moonlight Falls. This was definitely a positive sign.

The second positive sign came in Pip Goodfellow. It was only after she introduced herself to Pip that she noticed the sparkling, glowing wings attached to his back. Ioanna had never met an actual fairy before, although she vaguely remembered the stories her mother used to tell her before bed. Surely if Pip was out and about in public, this town really was a safe place for the supernaturally inclined.

Pip was far from the only fairy in town. In fact, he had a whole family of fairies – his wife, and a toddler child named Fawn. Ioanna saw them together at the library. They were a really sweet family. Pip and his wife Dahlia were clearly very much in love. Ioanna could only hope that some day, she would have a family of her own that would be just as sweet.

Night had fallen when Ioanna finally left the library, and the builders were probably finished with her new house, but Ioanna wasn’t ready to head home yet. She still had more town to see. Like the local occult shop. Every other occult shop she’d ever seen had been over the top and fake, with things like rabbit’s feet and shrunken skulls on every shelf. She could only hope that Moonlight Falls’s local place would be different.

And of course it was. There was even a real vampire behind the counter. Or at least, he claimed to be a real vampire. Ioanna had never met one before, and couldn’t prove or disprove Count Snypes’s claim. He was certainly scary enough to be a real vampire, although he seemed to warm to her once she made it clear that she was a real witch, and not just an interested tourist.

Her final stop of the night, before heading home, was to one of the local parks. Count Snypes had told her that many plants with mystical qualities bloomed around Moonlight Falls, and that all were available for the harvesting, so long as the harvester paid it forward by tending to plants in town as he or she was able. Ioanna had always wanted a garden, so she was excited to pick a few select plants for her new home.

Finally, she went home for the night. Her new home was really more of a shack – just barely big enough for the single bed she’d had since she was a young girl, and the couch and bookcase she’d saved from her college apartment (none of her roommates had wanted the second-hand furniture). It certainly wasn’t the type of home she’d always imagined calling her own, but it was enough for now.

Before settling in for the night, Ioanna went out to the mailbox to send off a quick note to her father, telling him she’d settled down and that she was safe and happy with her new town. Ioanna had never been close to the man who’d raised her after her mother’s death – her Dad was the one who’d taught her to suppress her magic and hide who she really was – but she knew that in his way, the man loved her, and she didn’t want him to worry about her too much.

Finally, she settled in for her very first night in Moonlight Falls, content that her new home might really start to feel like Home.


And so begins Generation One. I’ve always wanted to do a random legacy, and I’ve been lurking around reading them on various blogs and forums for a long time now, but my computers have never been strong enough to sustain the Sims for too long, and I’ve always gotten bored or frustrated after half a generation and felt the need to start over again. I’ve played far enough into this one that I feel like I’ll be able to continue it for the forseeable future, and my new computer is strong enough that I’m feeling pretty positive about the Price family’s fate.

I will be posting the generational rolls as each new generation takes over, on the “Through the Generations” page, so those of you who like to be surprised can be, and those of you who like to know can know (and also so that I always have somewhere to keep track of them!).

I hope you enjoy Ioanna’s story!