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1.7 Happy Snowflake Day!

on January 21, 2013

Shen was only a few days old when Snowflake Day finally arrived. Ioanna had been planning a party for months and months – since before she was pregnant! – and she decided to go ahead with it. It would be an opportunity to introduce her son to her friends. She put on her best dress and got to cooking up a mountain of food while Shen slept peacefully in his crib.

She was still cooking when the guests started to arrive. Ioanna was surprised to see how much some of her friends had aged since she’d seen them last – James had even gone and become an elder! She’d never realized he was that much older than she was. The Goodfellows seemed to be the only people who hadn’t aged in the few months that she’d been getting ready for Shen’s arrival.

Of course, she was aging herself. She hadn’t told anyone, but she would be entering her real, official adulthood after the party. From there, it was only a skip and a hop to elderhood, and then… well…

She wouldn’t think about it now.

Now, she would think about her guests. She’d asked each of her friends to bring someone she didn’t know to the party, so there were plenty of introductions to be made. Her friends knew some very interesting people.

When Ioanna invited Count Snypes, she’d never imagined that her vampire boss would actually show up, but he did indeed attend the party. He claimed he’d just needed an excuse to get away from his wife for a few hours – Ioanna had never met the Countess, but rumor had it she was as surly and taciturn as he was – but he’d brought a present for the pile, and one for Shen, too.

It got even stranger when he asked to meet the little guy, but Ioanna couldn’t say no. The Count, it turned out, was a sucker for babies. He gave Shen plenty of toys, and told Ioanna to take as much time as she needed for maternity leave. He would be happy to resume selling her potions whenever she was ready. He also promised to watch out for Shen and any of her future children for as long as they lived. Ioanna was touched.

Hailey was one of the guests that Ioanna had never met before, but she was vivacious and friendly. They quickly hit it off, and Ioanna was glad she’d invited so many strangers. She was sure that she and Hailey would be friends for a long time to come…

That is, until she looked out the window a few hours later and saw Pip and Hailey flirting with each other. It looked quite serious. Pip and Dahlia had been at odds all night – Ioanna hadn’t even seen the fairy couple speak to each other once since they’d arrived (seperately) – but that was, in her mind, no excuse for flirting with other women. Ioanna was furious on her best friend’s behalf.

She meant to pull Pip aside and give him a piece of her mind, but when he came back inside, her friends surprised her. They’d somehow found out about her birthday, and they had a cake all prepared for her. Ioanna was touched.

She almost had trouble coming up with a wish. She had her son, she had her friends, she had her home, and she had faith that she and Si Nan would work something out. She had nothing left to wish for… so she made a wish for her friends.

At first, it didn’t seem to work. Pip and Dahlia were as silent towards each other as they’d been all night. Whatever was wrong between them, it was clearly going to take more than Ioanna’s birthday wish to fix it.

When the cake was served, the Goodfellows had nowhere to sit but next to each other. Ioanna watched from across the room as they continued not to speak to each other, and she gave up. Clearly, this was bigger than her.

They did presents after they finished the birthday cake. Ioanna had insisted that everyone bring something so that everyone could open something. She didn’t want any one to be left out of the gift exchange. That meant that Hailey recieved a gift too, but Ioanna could tell from the way that Hailey had been watching Pip and Dahlia that the other woman hadn’t known that Pip was married. Ioanna actually felt bad for her – and she was angrier at Pip, too.

Ioanna had expected to have to dash off to tend to Shen every few minutes, but she found that her friends were more than willing to look in on the boy – she almost had to chase them off! Shen had more aunts and uncles that night than anyone in town, and they were all willing to give the baby a quick cuddle or a bottle or even a diaper change. Ioanna was very grateful for her friends.

They even gave Shen Snowflake day presents – although he was much too young and it was much to cold to put the sandbox and toys to use right then. Still, they were all set up and ready to go when Shen was old enough and it was warm enough. The set up was right next to Ioanna’s garden, too, so when she was ready to get back to it, she could keep her son close.

The Goodfellows had splurged and bought Ioanna a stroller, so that she would always be able to bring her son with her when she wanted to go out. It was a beautiful, high end model, and they’d even gone for the orange one, knowing it was her favorite color.

Best of all, the Goodfellows had clearly made up before the end of the night. They were flirting and cuddling as much as they ever had. Ioanna vowed to keep what she had seen to herself – as long as they were happy. If she ever saw it again, though, Pip was a dead man, fairy powers or no fairy powers.

When the guests were gone, Ioanna cuddled her little son and told him what a wonderful night she’d had. It was her first real Snowflake Day, the first with friends and laughter and presents anyway, and it was perfect.

“I hope all your Snowflake Days can be this wonderful,” she whispered to Shen. “I hope they’re even better.”


A/N: In my world, the Goodfellows are happily married and they are basically family to Ioanna – so I was heartbroken to see Pip flirting with a random party guest at the party his wife was attending! STUPID ATTRACTION SYSTEM. It’s bad enough that he’s constantly sending Ioanna presents and asking her out, but now he’s flirting with random people! Anyway, that’s where the storyline for this chapter comes from. Other than that, I really was pleased with the party. It was the first time I’d played with the gift giving party option in Seasons, and it worked out pretty well. Everyone seemed to have a good time.


6 responses to “1.7 Happy Snowflake Day!

  1. calisims says:

    Aw, what a nice party. Except for Pip’s bad behavior. I can’t wait to see Shen grow up.

    • Thanks. I really like all the parties that came with Seasons. I like that they give more opportunities for extended family interaction and non-family interaction. And I’m very fond of Shen (who’s now a young adult in-game). 😀

  2. gemly_teddie says:

    Aww, Count Snypes, what a sweetie!
    I’m angry at Pip too, and I barely know him haha!
    I’ve not used any of the parties that came with seasons yet. I’m so bad at exploring new content… :/

    • I love that Count Snypes is supposed to be this creepy, scary figure but he was the first of the guests to want to interact with the baby – actually, only the vampires at the party were really interested in little Shen!

      And yeah, boo Pip.

  3. Misty Dady says:

    Aw, Snypes loves babies, who knew!
    Pip, tsk tsk. I’d be mad at him too.

    I don’t like the attraction system either…I wonder if any of Twallan’s mods fix that. I hear he has some new ones but I haven’t gotten around to checking them out.

    Oh, and I really liked that last picture where she has her back to the camera, cuddling Shen. Very cute.

    • I know there are mods out there somewhere that adjust the attraction system, but I like the idea of it so I don’t really want to get rid of it all together. I play another legacy just for fun, not for blogging, and the attraction system had my founder set up on a blind date that actually went really well and if she weren’t doomed to single motherhood might have found her a match.

      And thanks, that’s my favorite picture for a parent and baby together. I take it almost every single time one of my sims has a baby… but I love it nonetheless!

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